CGN Germplasm Search
Selection of genetic material
This page gives access to the CGN search forms. Basically there are two ways of searching the database:
  • Via the 'all crops' option - search the entire database
  • The crop - specific search form focuses on a certain crop, using pulldown menu's which contain only the relevant data for the selected crop. The number between brackets is the number of accessions for that crop.
New requesting procedure for CGN collection materials
Select the desired samples, and provide us with your selection, contact details and the address details for shipments. You also have to provide us with the contact details (preferably e - mail account) of the official in your institution or company who is authorized to sign the Standard Material Transfer Agreement. Since the Standard Material Transfer Agreement is a legally binding contract, this officer needs to have the mandate to enter into contracts on behalf of the institution or company. In case you may act yourself as the Authorized Official, you will provide us with your own contact details. As soon as we receive your request we shall electronically forward your request to the Authorized Official indicated by you. The Authorized Official may then sign the Standard Material Transfer Agreement and enter into the contract by an electronic click - wrap procedure.

In case you have no facilities or you are not allowed or do not wish to agree to the terms and conditions of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement electronically, you may request a hard copy Standard Material Transfer Agreement, which will then be mailed to the Authorized Official immediately.As soon as we have received your signed Standard Material Transfer Agreement, we shall start the germplasm dispatch procedure.

More information on the Standard Material Transfer Agreement can be found on, sections Policies and Frequently Asked Questions. In case you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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