Triticum aestivum group Aestivum (Orange Devon Bleu Rough Chaff)

Accession number: CGN04411
Accession name: Orange Devon Bleu Rough Chaff
Crop (and subcrop type): wheat (T. aestivum group aestivum winter)
Population type: Breeders variety

SMTA status
SMTA needed: Yes

Genus: Triticum
Species: aestivum
Sub-taxon: group Aestivum

Origin information
Collecting number:
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Collection site: Devon
Latitude / Longitude: 55.4 / -3.4, uncertainty 637024 meter
Altitude (m):
Collecting date:
Donor institute: Instituut voor Plantenveredeling, Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen, Netherlands
Donor number:
Other numbers:
Origin address:
Origin type:

Other information
DOI 10.18730/11HVV
Selection from: Landvariety Old Devon

Flowering characteristics
    annuality winter type
    spike emergence time late early
Plant characteristics
    growth height tall small
Spike characteristics
    spike length short long
    spike density lax dense
    awnedness awned awnless
Seed characteristics
    seed color red/ brown
    seed shape ovoid
    seed size small large
Agronomical characteristics
    stem brittleness absent
    lodging susceptibility high low
Fungal diseases
    Leaf rust susceptible resistant
    Powdery mildew susceptible resistant
    Septoria leaf blotch susceptible resistant
    Yellow (stripe) rust susceptible resistant

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