Triticum aestivum group Aestivum (Essex Fluweelkaf; Rough Chaff White; Ruwkaf Essex)

Accession number: CGN05442
Accession name: Essex Fluweelkaf; Rough Chaff White; Ruwkaf Essex
Crop (and subcrop type): wheat (T. aestivum group aestivum winter)
Population type: Breeders variety

SMTA status
SMTA needed: Yes

Genus: Triticum
Species: aestivum
Sub-taxon: group Aestivum

Origin information
Collecting number:
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Collection site: Essex, Kent, Sussex
Latitude / Longitude: 55.4 / -3.4, uncertainty 637024 meter
Altitude (m):
Collecting date:
Donor institute: Instituut voor Plantenveredeling, Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen, Netherlands
Donor number:
Other numbers:
Origin address:
Origin type:

Other information
DOI 10.18730/11BVM
Selection from: LV from GBR Intr. In The Netherlands
Additional passport information: glumes not hairy

Flowering characteristics
    annuality winter type
Fungal diseases
    Leaf rust susceptible resistant
    Septoria leaf blotch susceptible resistant
    Yellow (stripe) rust susceptible resistant

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