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EBN (Endosperm Balance Number)
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Species can be crossed when EBN numbers are the same. Varieties (2n=48) have 4EBN, derived dihaploids (2n=24) 2EBN. Published EBN nummers summarised by Spooner & Hijmans (2001). In some cases a best guess was used. For interspecific hybrids the EBN number of the parents is used, when identical.

Below the species are listed including a best guess of their EBN numbers.

Solanum speciesEBN guessconsiderations
acaule ssp. palmirense4hexaploid, like demissum
achacachense2Bolivian diploid in series Tuberosa
ajanhuiri2from MGA x STN (both 2EBN)
avilesii2Bolivian diploid in series Tuberosa
hoopesii4tetraploid. strongly resembling andigena
lesteri1like polyadenium
lycopersicoides1like palustre (syn: brevidens)
michoacanum1from BLB x PNT (both 1EBN)
setulosistylum2from CHC x SPG (both 2EBN)
soukupii2Hawkes: =CAN
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